2233 Park Ave.

Detroit, MI  48201

(313) 963-4040


$9.00 each or $5.00 from 4pm - 7pm.

(during special events, happy hour pricing may not apply)

We change our menu seasonally, so hurry in and try your new favorite!


a refreshing blend of pear vodka, pear liquor and a hint of almond


celebrate the motor city’s own vernor’s with a kick of vanilla vodka and spiced rum


a burst of flavor with pomegranate vodka and fresh pomegranate juice

spanish fly

our own sangria aphrodisiac!

blue dragon

get your wings with blueberry vodka, raspberry liquor and red bull

gin blossom

a twist on the dutch creation of gin with apple liquor and lots of bubbles!


tastes just like a gingerbread cookie in a glass


take a bite out of this mouthwatering mix of plum vodka

and white cranberry juice


a karate kick of premium organic sake and vodka


secret agent centaur stirs up this vodka, gin, strawberry

and basil concoction


explore the possibilities with rich southern molasses and smoky bourbon


a mellow fusion of tequila, fresh lime and mint


our version of the classic fig newton


layers of smooth apricot brandy, apricot nectar and almond


a seasonal blend of spiced rum, coffee liquor and pumpkin spice


just like a cool peppermint patty!


warm up with this spiced rum, apple cider and coca-cola blend

flying dutchman

the dutch created gin, and we took it a step further with hints of brandy and cinnamon

toasted almond

unique flavors of vanilla, almonds, cocoa and cinnamon


a fresh fusion of cucumber vodka, lime and agave nectar

Ultimate godiva

a creamy blend of godiva liquor with a vanilla vodka kick


peach, peach and more peach... with a dash of brüt champagne


a clever and bold integration of premium gin and canadian whiskey


a delicate fusion of asian spices and citrus vodka to leave your throat with a little burn!


put a little zip in your step with this rich blend of espresso, vanilla vodka and irish cream

french 75

an oldie but goody... brüt champagne, premium gin and a hint of sugar


a truly soothing blend of green tea liquor and vodka... good for the soul!

dirty girl scout

the classic thin mint in a glass... vanilla vodka and rich irish cream with dark chocolate and mint liqueurs

martinis at centaur

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